Week #34 - Delilah

There I was, a small racoon, venturing out into the big city. I puffed up my tiny chest and soared to the sky, landing on a fence. I jumped again, aiming for the parked van on the corner. Instead of landing on the van, I fell into an old cardboard box. I scrambled inside the box, desperately trying to get out. I jumped out of the box and brushed off the leaf that had landed on my head. I jumped into the van and landed on an antique chair, I going to let the van drive me to my adventure.


  1. Hello Delilah,

    Thank you for sharing your writing with the 100 Word Challenge this week. I loved the way you told your tale with the raccoon's voice, he sounds very adventurous and on quite a mission! Your use of detail could help me picture all the action in my mind and left me wanting to know what happens next.

    Keep on writing as you clearly have a talent for it.

    Mrs Moore

    Team 100 London UK

    Mrs. Skinner here. Team 100 can't leave comments w/out a google account & not all of them have one. Please add another option (Name/anonymous) to the drop down menu so they can all comment.
    Thank you


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