Week #34 - Pearl

I was stacking the chairs one by one, but when I got to one of the chairs there was a small box sitting on the bright blue chair. As I opened the small box, I noticed that there was a letter. The letter read “be aware there is a racoon with a single leaf, just one single leaf.” I opened the box and there was no racoon, only the leaf. I walked outside only to notice that there were no leaves on any trees. I looked up into the sky wondering “where did they get this leaf, wait I know!” 


  1. Hi Pearl,
    Firstly, I wonder if you can do something about the formatting of this blog. Have you noticed that your writing goes way off the page?
    I find myself wondering where the racoon got to, or if he was ever in the box. That one leaf is certainly a clue. I've never seen a racoon, have you?
    Thanks for sharing this week,
    Jackie (Team 100WC)
    New Plymouth NZ


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