Week #39 - Danielle

I was driving down the cold snowy road and out of nowhere a polar bear walked up to my truck. The polar bear said “hello human can you hold my phone for me to video my TikTok?” 

“Ok” I said with a curious expression, unsure if he would eat me or he would actually make a TikTok. He started to sing, “ Imma savage! Classy booshie, ratchet.”. We filmed the TikTok, and sent it out, then he said “another one!” We filmed it and this time he sang, “Imma sandwich! Mayo, mustard, relish, strictly condiment sandwich!” This polar bear is awesome!


  1. You certainly let your imagination flow with this story, Danielle. Lots of god description in the story too. I particularly liked ‘cold snowy road’ and ‘with a curious expression’. I’m very glad he did not eat you, by the way!


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