Week #39 - Delilah

Hugo the Polar Bear raced round the Arctic in his frosty jeep. It was just another day for Hugo, off to work on a Tuesday morning. “Hi!” he cheerfully said to his work colleagues, waving at them. “Hi Hugo!” they chorused. Into the office they went, one after the other they began to work. The day flew by as fast as a flying puffin. Hugo headed back to his jeep, What a day! Hugo thought. He was about to unlock his jeep when he saw a HUMAN! “Roar!” roared hugo, and the wimpy human ran away crying like a baby.


  1. I love the way you make the polar bears the sensible ones in the story, Delilah, especially as they go to work. The human is just incidental. I also like the phrase ‘as fast as a flying puffin’. It is very much in keeping with the story. It is all very imaginative indeed.


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