Week #39 - Harriett

I was driving through Alaska when I saw a small old town so I pulled over, got out of the truck and went over to see this place. I saw a cafe. I was hungry and tired, it was getting late and there was a motel next door so I thought to myself if I get something to eat I will not be hungry. I turned back to my truck to see a polar bear trying to get in. I ran over but it was too late the polar bear was in the car driving down the road . 


  1. Goodness Harriett, I didn't expect that he would drive away in your car. That was a surprise.
    I wonder if you could have used 'but' instead of 'so, when you were thinking about the wisdom of eating to relieve your tiredness rather than staying the night in a motel. 'there was a motel next door so I thought to myself...' or 'there was a motel next door, but I thought to myself....' What do you think?
    Kia pai to wiki,
    Jackie (Team 100WC)
    New Plymouth NZ


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