Connor - Week #1

 This is a story about a knight, he is a good knight. He protects the kingdom called Ashburtons. He also has some friends called Bob, Nob, Snob and Lob. 

Hmmmm,  so what will I write on this page? Oh I know, I should write about a war.

It is world war 3 and Ashburton's Kingdom is invading Christchurch, a very rich power but Ashburton's was up to the task. They knew there was a weak point in Christchurch's  position from the spy so they went for that spot. The commanders called on the knights. They fought for a long time but Ashburton won and they were so happy.


  1. Hi Connor. I really enjoyed reading your tale of war, espionage and bravery. You've told the story in a casual way that feels like the reader is being read to! Well done - keep up the super writing Connor.
    Heidi (Team 100WC, NZ)


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