George B. - Week #1

 Today started off sunny so what will I write on this page?  Well yesterday was Father’s Day we started it off with all  sleeping in.  Then Dad made pancakes for breakfast.  Dad “Won” the Father’s Day free coffee at Robert Harris so I scored a hot chocolate, Yum!

We also dropped Grandad his Father’s Day surprise at his flat.  We went on a big bike ride around the Domain.  We went to the island.  Saw lots of spring flowers in the Domain.  

For dinner we had roast beef and self saucing chocolate pudding.  We had a fabulous day mainly outside.


  1. Hi George,

    Wow, it sounds like it was a fabulous Father's Day for everyone! I enjoyed how you told us about your Grandad's day too.

    I love self-saucing chocolate pudding. Delicious!

    Well done,
    Michelle, Team 100wc
    Melbourne, Australia


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