Cassey - Week #1

 Once upon a time, there was an Author, who wanted to  make the best book in the world so he can be famous. When he got his  papers to write the story it was going well, but when he was on his third page he said to himself, “so, what will I write on this page? He thought and thought, but his mind was blank, he said to himself, should it be when the monkey starts dancing with the king? Or the Queen?  Then, he realized that his story wasn't even good, he decided to not write this story AGAIN.


  1. Kia ora Cassey.
    I love that you have made your piece about an author trying desperately to think of what he wants to write about. I wonder if there are many author who have this difficulty?
    The things that you have chosen are so random too = very good writing! Keep it up.
    Ms M #100WC


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